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Montag, 15. Juli 2024 @ 19:49 CEST

Euroforth in Edinburgh, 14. - 17. September 2018 -- UPDATE

Archiv NEWS UPDATE 10 July 2018 – see

Forth Conference (including the optional Forth Day) is Friday 14th September to Monday 17th September. Banquet night will be Saturday 15th September.

The Standards Meeting will begin on Wednesday 12th September and finish on Friday 14th September. Usual midday to midday timetable.

The venue will be the DoubleTree Hilton Queensferry Hotel on the North Shore of the Firth of Forth. There is a local railway station nearby and Edinburgh Airport is reachable through many other hubs within Europe.

As we race through July I can confirm that Chuck Moore, the language founder, is attending this conference in Edinburgh, to help us celebrate 50 years of Forth! Chuck has agreed to provide a short and humorous after dinner talk at the Saturday night Conference Banquet in addition to being recorded in a special 50 Years of Forth video interview. A professional videographer has been engaged to record an interview with each of the leading lights in the Forth communities. The interviews planned for now are: Chuck Moore, Leon Wagner and Stephen Pelc. We also hope to record these three most prominent Forth people talking together.

This Euroforth Meeting is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many to meet the founder, which is in the 50th year of Forth.

For more details see the announcement:

(Man kann übrigens alle Teile der Veranstaltung auch einzeln buchen. Im Urlaub am Forth-Bankett teilzunehmen geht also.)


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