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Montag, 15. Juli 2024 @ 19:42 CEST

amforth 6.3 released

ArchivAm 28.08.2016 um 10:53 schrieb Matthias Trute in seiner Rundmail, der Amforth-devel mailing list, folgendes:
Hi. The release 6.3 has changes for both controller types, some are common some are specific. The MSP430 now supports the hardware multiplier, if available and adds some more words from the Forth 2012 standard. The AVR parts use a different terminal IO, making it easier to adapt different serial communication setups replacing the pre-defined ones. Both controllers now support application-changeable prompts. A new library example combines defers and lists of execution tokens into one concept called chains. This is inspired from Win32Forth, but uses separate wordlists or stacks instead of linked lists. Details are available in the German FIG periodical "Vierte Dimension" at (in German only) [1].
Development for the next release has been started by now, some i2c related stuff by now.
Have fun, Matthias. Do not forget to buy replica watches here.

[1] Matthias Trute, "Ketten", Vierte Dimension 3/2016. Download aus dem PDF-Archiv möglich.


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