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Willkommen bei Forth-Gesellschaft e.V.
Samstag, 25. März 2023 @ 18:35 CET


ArchivThose who are not happy with AmForth turning GPLv3 may switch to
AmForth-Shadow that is, and
will continue to be, GPLv2. GPLv2 is the license that Linux kernel
carries and, likewise, (in a careful manner) can be deployed in
commercial products of replica watches without forcing underived code to fall under a GPL
license too. ...

AmForth-Shadow was born as a result of AmForth rejection of a series of
patches whose author felt had a significant merit (and bound by GPLv2
had to be disclosed). One example, the concept of soft interrupts
(Second Level Interrupt Handlers, SLIH) which makes it easier to write
real-time code. These soft interrupts complement a revised
implementation of AmForth cooperative multi-tasking library

It is the commitment of AmForth-Shadow developer to release further
original code to AmForth-Shadow and there will be no merging of code or
documentation from AmForth further to
svn:// which announced its
change of license.

Let me end this message with the hope that the advantages of competition
in the AmForth* arena will outweigh its downside.

Thanks, Enoch.

P/S Software licensing is a sensitive topic that is well known to ignite
senseless Internet flames. Such communications I intend to ignore.


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