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Samstag, 25. März 2023 @ 19:21 CET

Free downloads of the x86 version of VFX Forth for Linux

Archiv Features:
* Examples and libraries.
* GTK+ Cross Platform GUI
* Minos OOP and Widget display
* Theseus GUI designer
* Compatibility with other MPE Products.
* Support services - standard, extended and advanced technical support.

Common features in all VFX Forth systems: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, DOS ...

The VFX Forth for Linux family consists of 32-bit x86 and 32-bit ARM versions built from the same code tree as the Windows and DOS versions; please refer to the Common features page for a more detailed description of aspects common to all versions, e.g. code generation.
The current release is v4.7. This release includes code generation changes, an improved shared library interface, the GTK+ cross-platform GUI code, a port of Bernd Pasan's Minos and Theseus GUI designer, and Hanno Schwalm's fJACK audio interface.

Free downloads of the x86 version of VFX Forth for Linux are available from the Southampton server. Login as "public" with a blank password. Select the VfxLinEval directory. Please read the file ReadMe.Linux.txt before you install the system. The 32 bit VFX Forth for Linux version is available in rpm and deb packages for 32 bit and 64 bit x86 Linux variants, and as a tarball. VFX Forth for Linux also works on FreeBSD with the Linux compatibility layer installed.

The paid-for releases include more features and a version for embedded use on 386 and 486 class CPUs, such as those in the Ebox range of low-cost industrial/network PCs.

The ARM version works on all 32 bit distributions that support the EABI - that's most everything these days, including the Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone Black.

Read the latest release notes. Release notes for all earlier versions of VFX Forth can be found here.
A customer said: "Besides the amazing optimizing compiler, I love the DocGen documentation system. The easy C interfacing and Genio driver architecture have also been key for my project. And finally, I can even generate turnkey apps customized for my eBox 2300SX."


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