Neu im Mikrokontroller Verleih: HCS08 Starterkit

Samstag, 28. Juni 2008 @ 16:22 CEST

Beitrag von: cas

Neu im Mikrokontroller Verleih: Das Motorola HCS08 Starterkit. Dieses Kit wurde von Frank Buss gespendet. Wer möchte Forth auf diesem Prozessor zum laufen bringen?

best crossbow for hunting

Da der Mikrokontroller Shop in naher Zukunft umgebaut wird, kann das HCS08 Starterkit derzeit ganz unbürokratisch per E-Mail an ausgeliehen werden.

Das HCS08 Starterkit besteht aus:

best crossbow
Information bei FreeScale

High-performance and low power, the HCS08 does not sacrifice performance to provide low power 1.8 V operation. I have to say this is the best crossbow for hunting. HCS08 Features

  • Multiple power management modes, including a 20 nanoamp (nA) power-down mode.
  • A zero-component auto-wakeup from "stop" to help reduce costs and reduce power to 0.7 microamp (uA) - Up to 40 MHz CPU/20 MHz bus at 2.1 V and 16 MHz CPU/8 MHz bus at 1.8 V
  • A programmable internal clock generator with temperature and voltage compensation (typical drift < 2%) designed for reliable communications, fast start up and reduced system cost
  • In-application reprogramming and data storage via third-generation 0.25µ flash technology
  • High integration including four serial communication ports, up to 8 timer/PWMs, and an 8-channel 10-bit analog-to-digital converter specified down to 1.8 V.

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