Video Vortrag: Eric LaForest - Next Generation Stack Computing

Samstag, 14. Juni 2008 @ 12:56 CEST

Beitrag von: cas

Ein Video-Vortrag von Eric LaForest (Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo) ueber moderne Stack Maschinen und Forth. Auf der Webseite sind der Vortrag und die Folien in verschiedenen Formaten verfuegbar. Das MPEG-Video hat keine stoerenden Einblendungen.


Eric LaForest delivers a crash-course on modern stack computing, the Forth programming language, and some projects of his own. Stack systems have faster procedure calls and reduced complexity (shorter pipeline, simpler compilation) relative to their conventional counterparts, as well as more consistent performance, which is very important for real-time systems. Many consider stack-based architecture's crowning feature, however, to be the unrivalled price-to-performance ratio.

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