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Sonntag, 09. Juli 2017 @ 13:01 CEST

Beitrag von: mk

A Bit of Forth and Fun. Thanks again – A Start With Forth is now up from top 20 to top 18

Just to show the wider range of the Forth Bookshelf in comparison

this morning at 8.30:

23. Juergen's A Start With Forth - thanks again to Arthur who sent the link to see the ranking
32. Stephen’s Pelc Programming Forth
57. Chuck's Programming a Problem-oriented Language
60. Ting's eForth and Zen 2017
65. Ting's Zen and the Forth Language
75. Ting's Footsteps in an Empty Valley
78. Ting's eForth Overview
94. Chuck's The Early Years
99. Ting's Fig Forth Manual, including Steve Teal's 1802 IP for FPGA and a link to downloads to program the FPGA and run it. Here to get the best recurve crossbow for hunting.

Interesting to see what people like - either as part of the Forth community or outside.

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